Our team

Agata Gieryn

Psychologist and Intra Biznes coaching school graduate. She loves being part of knowledge, experience and emotions exchange between events participants because she's certain, that's the fastest way for people to learn. In her eyes, every man has its own unique potential, which can be shared with others, and her role as a coach is to provide adequate conditions to make it happen. She often performs as a project leader. Personally she's passionate about historical reconstructions, especially with medieval cuisine. As a hobby she practice horseback archery, travels a lot and pets her two cats and dog.

Joanna Keller

Psychologist, trainer. Working with a group makes her feel alive. She believes in development and smart recreation, so he combines these two things in her work. The biggest reward for the efforts she put into the job are smiles from satisfied participants of workshops, trainings or integration meetings. Privately - wife and mother, spends her free time artistically in the kitchen, and energetically at the open air gym.

Paweł Cieślak

Trainer, project coordinator, training programs designer. Graduate of trainer specialization at The University of Warsaw, Faculty of Psychology and School of Business Trainers (SET). He leads personal skills courses since 2007. Member of international The Trainers Academy. He has lead workshops i.a. in Romania, Netherlands and Germany. Since 2012 bounded up with Leaders School, where he managed development programs for social leaders and training activities via B2B. Outside of team building he spends his time developing a startup, that he owns.

Dominika Pruszczak

Psychologist, psychosocial skills trainer, certified coach. Works with teams over their cooperation and communiation style. Specializes in the field of assertiveness, setting and achieving goals. She works with individual clients over changing their dreams to goals and actions. She believes in the power of individual and strength and potential of the group. Personally, passionate about fresh air activities and running (regardless of the weather). Loves creating something from nothing and cooking experimental dishes.

Ewa Łukasiewicz

Trainer, psychologist, linguist. Optimist, full of energy, loves working for and with people. As a soft skills trainer she combines her two passions - fondness for progress and sharing knowledge. Has been bounded up with personal development and team building events since 2010. Since then, has spent thousands of hours at training rooms both as a trainer and participant. Personally a fan of travel, sun and dance.

Kamila Karpińska

Psychologist, political scientist, fitness instructor, diving guide. Body and soul trainer, her passion is working with and for people, especially surrounded by nature. Motion and change is her mantra, that's why she wants the participants of her workshops to leave with a load of positive energy and open-minded. Personally a fan of health and delicious cuisine and dark chocolate.

Marcin Poncyliusz

Psychologist and psychosocial skills trainer. For many years has been working with people from public sector, business but also non-governmental organisations. Leader of multiple psychosocial skills workshops, designer of team building corporate retreats. Works in cooperation with Robinson Crusoe Foundation, and currently bounded up with the research about self-reliance. Privately a husband and a father. In his spare time likes to spend his time actively - running, swimming and cycling. Passionate about music. Member of a music band, as a announcer, guitarist and vocalist.

Jan Wardęszkiewicz

Psychologist, coach and trainer. Spends his spare time playing guitar and planning future travels. In fourty years he wants to be sitting in his stilt house in Vietnam, touring with his band in local pubs every evening. In his life, he values professionalism, perspective and sense of humor the most, which is why he decided to join Teamformacja.

Jacek Walawender

Trainer, animator, science popularizer. For years cooperating with Copernicus Science Center and Science&Adventure Foundation. He believes, that if motion-picture and literature hadn't exist, someone would have to invent it. Admitted to work and protection of Open Jazdów community from „the big ones”, hoping that this time „the small ones” will conquer.

Agnieszka Leśny

Trainer, pedagogue, anthropologist. Professionally for years bounded up with cultural institutions, local governments and small enterprises. Parallel to training work, she deals with research and development of theory and methods of experimental education. Author of several scientific articles. She completed over 400 hours of training using games and simulations. Specializes in learning processes, organizational culture, team building and evaluation. He also works as a trainer in outdoor and adventure education methodology in an international environment.

Justyna Schimanda

Soft skills trainer, psychologist. There is nothing impossible for her, she is strongly focused on the effect and purpose, she likes unconventional, sometimes crazy solutions. She is always happy to observe the change in the participants of her trainings. Privately, a fan of cats and motorization.

Aleksandra Dzierżawska

A singer, actress, animator from high school times. Graduate of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Humanities of the University of Warsaw, student of Management at the Warsaw School of Economics. He loves to combine business with pleasure, so fun and development makes her feel at home. Bounded up to team building since 2014, and is working with business and third sector (Science&Adventure Foundation and Cosmos for Girls Foundation). Enthusiastic leader of active workshops using the gamification method.

Urszula Staniszewska

Psychologist, trainer, graduate of the INTRA Training and Psychological Workshop School. Has many years of experience in conducting trainings in soft skills with professionaly and socially diversified groups. She values working with people, experience exchange. Helps people to free the potential they hide inside. Believes, that personal development brings tangible effects and influences quality of life. She perceives the training as a development and opportunity to share, what's best. She bets on practical aspects of working with participants, which is why she prefers the workshops and training methods. Privately passionate about yoga and good cuisine, supporter of slow life philosophy.

Michał Skoniecki

Certified coach at multi-level approach, trainer and mediator. Graduated psychology and philosophy at the University of Warsaw and Administration at the Warsaw University of Technology. Specialized at Personality Development Support and Business Psychology. Helps people and organisations to achieve their professional and personal goals. He brings help to his clients by increasing the pace of progress, improving achievements and improving the quality of life. His fields of work are business, career development, finances, health and interpersonal relations. He gathers his skills and knowledge since 2009. From the scientific side, he conducts research in the field of motivation, life changes and influence of time perspective on people's welfare. Simultaneously he participates in lectures, trainings and workshops.