Mission Impossible – online team activity

Mission Impossible - online team activity

Mission Impossible is an engaging group activity in which the team faces numerous team building tasks quantity of which suggests that it is indeed as in the title a mission impossible. A key to success is effective teamwork and cooperation - will the team manage to find it?


Zoom/Webex/MS Teams


up to 2 hours

Group size:

6 - 150


Polish, English


unique group tasks

intriguing plot

learning through experience

motivation boost

How the project looks like?

Mission Impossible is combined of the modules – theoretical and practical. In the practical one the team becomes a tribe that has lost  in the jungle.  Luckily they meet  a wise shaman who knows the way out…but he is not willing to reveal it. In order to succeed the group has to face a set of challenges the variety and number of which suggests that this is – as in the title of the project – a mission impossible. There are numerous games and activities to be performed by the team. How to organize the teamwork? Who is going to do what? What are our talents? 

The group has to find anse wers to the above questions, under time pressure! The games are fun and entertaining which creates an atmosphere that fosters integration, motivation and engagement. The tasks are also challenging – facing them together builds up the team spirits and enables the teammates to strengthen the bonds.

What else is there?

In spite of the fakt that the above described games arę fan there arę many analogie between them and everyday taks the team facet at work. In the theoretical module the participants gen to know The Wcale of Cooperation and itd practicial value. It a cery sample model that supports the cooperation and enables the teams to grow.

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