Art Building – creative team building

Art building

The members of the best teams work together to pursue one goal to create excellence together. The Art Building project shows this truth in a spectacular way!

wieczorne imprezy tematyczne

Indoors or outdoors


2-3 hours

Group size:

no limits


working together in an inspiring atmosphere

creativity booster

unusual masterpiece created by the team that might decorate the office

a video as a keepsake of the event

The Art Building is a creative team building activity that strengthens the bonds within the team and builds up the sense of unity. The main goal of the project is to create an enormous masterpiece which is captured form a drone when completed!

In the Art Building project all the participants unite their efforts in order to paint a big picture consisting of many smaller pieces. They act divided into smaller brigades and each of them takes care of just a small picture fragment. In order to succeed the teams must cooperate to ensure that the puzzles will match though till the very end of the project nobody knows what does the whole image look like! They can only see their own part and those of neighbouring groups.  So the finale of the project is a thrilling surprise everybody is looking forward to!

During the finale all the painted pieces are put into one, big picture. That is a very emotional moment for the whole team – it is the first time they see their masterpiece.

The whole creative process is filmed what makes a great keepsake of the creative and inspiring time spent on achieving a common goal. And the artwork itself may be displayed in the office and remind the workers what they are capable of when united.

Note: The graphics for the painting are prepared for the client based on his needs and preferences.