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Online team building

In our online offer you will find different scenarios. We always make sure that the event is tailored to the needs of a specific team. There are no two identical teams, and so there not two identical projects. Feel free to contact us if you are interested and tell us about your needs – we will take care of all the rest 🙂


Digital Lip Dub

When filming a digital lip dub we divide the team into smaller groups. Each group is responsible for a part of the video scenario. The key to success is creativity and cooperation of the whole group. Singing, creating the scenario, ...
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Company Quiz Online

We guess that we do not need to explain what is a quiz. Its online version is just as much fun and entertainment as offline. The only thing you need is some eagerness, mobile phone and internet connection! A company ...
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Digital Art Building

The project begins with a warm up, during which the participants have the delegates have the opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better and present themselves in a different way than usual. After a shirt introduction, ...
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Beatbox radykalnie wzmacnia większość z naszych 27 mięśni twarzy, a przede wszystkim język, policzki i usta. To najlepsze zajęcia dykcyjne, logopedyczne i warsztaty aktorskie w jednym. Podczas zajęć uczestnicy uczą się poprawnie oddychać przeponowo, rozwijają wyczucie rytmu oraz opanowują podstawowe ...
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