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Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Emotional intelligence workshop goals are following:
  • building up self awareness in the field of emotions
  • practicing easy techniques focused on lowering the stress and everyday life
  • building up the ...
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Scale of Cooperation Workshop

What is the Scale of Cooperation? The quality of cooperation in a group can result in Survival, Avoidance or Cooperation. We see this as a scale that groups move along, ...
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Aliens are among us

Ziemianie! Obca cywilizacja ZERB grozi naszej planecie zniszczeniem. Tylko Wy możecie ją uratować, a czas ucieka nieuchronnie... Taka informacja dociera do uczestników po rozpoczęciu spotkania. W ostatniej chwili cała agenda ...
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Rube Goldberg machine

Rube Goldberg machine

Rube Goldberg machine project was designed to show in a spectacular way that the effort of individuals makes it possible to reach a common goal of the whole team. It ...
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Art Building – creative team building

The Art Building is a creative team building activity that strengthens the bonds within the team and builds up the sense of unity. The main goal of the project is ...
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