Alien’s Invasion – online game

Alien's Invasion Online Game

Alien's invasion is an online team building game perfect for remote teams. Though it takes place in virtual reality creates totally real bonds within the group.

Alien’s invasion is an engaging online team building game with cosmic plot in the background. The team faces an important challenge – their task is to save The Earth! They can achieve it only by cooperating and engaging all together.

The cosmic plot is integrated with a set of team building tasks tailored to the team’s needs. All the challenges lead to getting to know each other better, group cooperation and discussion. The game is flexible – its agenda and form can be easily adjusted to specific needs and conditions. It is led by trainers and facilitators who create good atmosphere and make sure everything goes smoothly and according to the plan.

Are you looking for online attraction for your team? Try to save the Earth with them!




1-3 hours




English, Polish


boosting the team spirit

engaging tasks

team communication and cooperation

fun, cosmic plot

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