About us

About us

Teamformacja offers a complete organization of team building events, corporate retreats and workshops in whole Poland.

Our motto is „smart team building”, which we understand as a combination of fun and development for teams.

We specialize in creating surprising scenario games and workshops, that help its participants break out of their daily routine and get to know each other better.

Regardless of the chosen form, every single project we organize is adjusted to individual customer needs and we are always open for suggestions and new ideas – for us nothing is impossible. It is also highly important for us to keep our commitments in contact with the client.

For more information – please, contact us.

Abaut us

Our values


Trust, openness and common goals form the base of a good team - and this is also what we value in the context of relations with our customers


It is a natural and inevitable consequence of the above values. We are constantly creating new solutions and we are making sure, that all our projects are of the highest quality


Constant progress is an inexhaustible source of challenges and satisfaction. We can provide you with tools that will allow you to take full advantage of it


It is the key factor in all we do. We strongly believe that one can develop and have fun at the same time