On the crime’s trail

On The Crime Trail - detective scenario game

A detective scenario, during which the participants take on the roles of investigators and face a series of tasks to unravel the mystery of a mysterious murder.

Na tropie

Zoom/Webex/MS Teams


up to 3 hours

Group size:

6 to 150


Polish, English


fun integration

developing cooperation and communication skills

intriguing plot

Opis gry

During a videoconference one of the employees was kidnapped! Luckily, the meeting was being filmed and it was possible to gather some useful information…

In order to solve the criminal riddle the team faces a number of group challenges. They analize a recording, brainstorm about the proofs and documents connected with the case and hear to the witnesses testimonials.

Who is responsible for the crime?

What was the motive?

How did it happen?

The participants will find answers to these and similar questions under our trainers supervision. They will perform several team building tasks that boost integration, bring people together and are – above all – a good entertainment for the team. The tasks will require them to cooperate, communicate and act as one team. The challenges are designed in a way that makes it impossible not to be engaged – the success of the whole group depends on the participation of each team member. Our facilitators make sure that all the instructions are clear and the project goes smoothly.

Each task is discussed upon its completion. The team can reflect on how they cooperated and reach conclusions regarding their teamwork. It also fosters the process of building trust within the team.

If you want to solve the criminal riddle and have some fun time together – do not hesitate to contact us!

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