Digital Lip Dub

Digital Lip Dub - online company videoclip

Is it possible to make a lip dub online? Of course! All you need is an energetic leader, good song, positive mood and... Zoom!


Zoom/Webex/MS Teams


2-3 hours

Group size:

30 to 900


Polish, English


online integration

great entertainment with music in the background

a videoclip as a keepsake

When filming a digital lip dub we divide the team into smaller groups. Each group is responsible for a part of the video scenario. The key to success is creativity and cooperation of the whole group. Singing, creating the scenario, thinking of costumes gives the group an opportunity to get to know each other better, have fun together – and last but not least – create something out of nothing.
The final effect is a big surprise fo everybody. The groups work on small parts of the video that are later put together by our video editor. nobody knows what were the ideas of other groups!
It is a perfect idea to boost the team’s energy and show that the greatest asset of every organization are the people.