Team building

Team building is a process, that leads to creating an effective team. In projects we offer we combine great fun with the value added, which is progress and reflection.

We specialize in creating surprising scenario plays, games and workshops, that help its participants to break out of their daily routine and to get to know each other better. Look through the programs we offer, and if you have any questions - feel free to contact us.

Team building - schemat

Most popular projects

Lip Dub

Lip Dub to twórcza zabawa zespołowa, w której uczestnicy jednoczą swoje siły w realizacji firmowego teledysku rodem z MTV.Lip Dub is a creative team play in which participants unite their forces in the implementation of a company music video straight from MTV.

Na tropie zbrodniOn the crime's trail

Grupa pod okiem agencji detektywistycznej rozwiązuje tajemnicę pewnej zbrodni.The group under the watchful eye of the detective agency solves the mystery of a certain crime.

Obcy są wśród nas Aliens are among us

Kosmiczny scenariusz w otoczeniu obcych i ściśle tajna misja rodem z Men In Black.A space scenario surrounded by aliens and a top-secret mission straight from Men In Black.

What means team building?

Generally, team building is the term for various activities, that engage a number of people (e.g. a team of employees) to cooperate, sometimes with elements of competition - like paintball, riding on quads, climbing, or other integration games. Undoubtedly, they provide its participants with great fun and allows them to spend some time in informal way - but are they actually building a team?
Another side of team building are coaching activities, which are attended to find the team progress fields, create adequate working conditions and equip their participans with necessary skills, that will increase their efficiency. Usually they come in a form of workshops (adjusted for the specific case), that help the team to develop their soft skills, like communication, providing feedback, assertiveness.

These two approaches do not have a lot in common at first glance, but it changes when you look from other perspective. On one hand, we provide activities set to common recreation - events, on the other hand - activities set to progress - trainings. In the context of planning team building activities we're always going to waggle between these two approaches.

schemat - mądry team building

Mniej więcej na środku znajduje się oferowany przez nas “mądry team building”, w którym łączymy podejście coachingowe i eventowe zapewniając zespołom warunki do rozwoju poprzez wspólną zabawę i refleksję. Czyli wszystko, co najlepsze.
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